About Us

Plantation Security, Inc. is a locally owned, licensed, bonded and insured private security company which was established in 1980 by Major Alan Lamarche to meet the unique security needs  of rural south Georgia and north Florida properties.  We specialize in providing professional security patrols and protection to Plantations, farms, hunting clubs, large acreage  private and Government owned rural properties, residences and complexes. 
Plantation Security utilizes clearly marked 4x4 patrol vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, K-9 patrols, and video surveillance during the day and night to detect and deter trespassers. We employ only experienced, licensed (mostly retired) law enforcement officers, who receive semi-annual firearms and legal update training.  As an independent contractor, PSI provides all manpower and equipment and carries $5 million in liability insurance as well as Automobile and Workers Comp protection.  PSI's rates are extremely reasonable, and most clients tell us that we save them money.


Our clients often state that we are far more effective than previously used security measures. As a testament to client satisfaction, we are pleased to still have the first Plantation (7500 acre Foshalee) which signed on 28 years ago. Today, we protect more than 200,000 privately owned acres throughout south Georgia and north Florida and over one half of a million acres owned or managed by the St. Johns River Water Management District. 

Plantation owners, managers, farmers and employees do not have to get involved in hazardous trespass confrontations nor miss work for court related matters, because PSI handles the apprehension and prosecution of trespassers. 


If you are not already one of our clients, please check us out with those owners and managers whom we have served for many years then give  us a call or contact us by E-mail for your complimentary assessment of how our economical security services may be of help to you. 

We look forward to serving you.

Major Alan Lamarche, CEO

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